Sharjah Corniche Medical Center

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services provides a variety of testing

The Laboratory Department at Sharjah Corniche Medical Center in Sharjah provides a variety of testing, including reasonable and acceptable blood tests, biochemistry tests, microbiology and pathology tests, etc. In addition to dependability and quality of reports, which encourage doctors to refer their patients for the lab examination, we always place a high value on high-quality reports for better performance of the examination and laboratory treatment to regain a certificate of good conduct in the community.

Excellent diagnostic testing is offered by our laboratory service unit in the fields of pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, histopathology, immunology, and hematology. All of our exams are carried out by highly skilled experts with the most recent equipment.

An efficient laboratory management system is in place at Sharjah Corniche Medical Center in Sharjah to facilitate laboratory data processing. To give the patient the finest care possible, a highly skilled group of medical professionals and lab workers collaborate.

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